Prompt Engineering with AI

Learn advanced promptcraft, taught by the expert that other experts learn from.

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There's so much more to unlock with GPT.

ChatGPT. GPT-4. Claude, Bard, and a number of other new conversational AI.You know that these models can generate amazing content, insights, and solutions for almost any problem.You’ve even gotten some great results yourself.But you also know there's so much more.You’ve experienced the frustration of getting average, disappointing, or unusable responses from the AI.You’ve dumped hours into testing various prompts and still didn't get the results you wanted.You've hit a wall in terms of how much you can find online. But you can't shake the feeling there is so much more to uncover.If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone.You’re part of a growing community of people who see the massive new opportunity with AI but are facing the same challenges.And that’s why we created…

Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI (NLPEA)

NLPEA is a comprehensive online course that teaches you how to master the art and science of prompt engineering for GPT-powered AI models.Prompt engineering is the skill of crafting effective prompts that produce high-quality outputs from AI models.This course teaches the secret sauce that makes the difference between garbage and getting gold from your AI queries.

What you'll get

3 Core Frameworks

Learn the foundational building blocks of all good prompts. Create prompts of each type.

The Principles of Promptcraft

Understand how to use elements like anchors, variables, and placeholders to get more from your prompts.

Voice/Style Design

Learn how to set the style for how the AI writes and talks. Match your writing style, brand, and other needs.

Printable Cheatsheet Reference

Save or print a quick reference on all course concepts so you can have a handy resource to refer back to at all times.

7 Techs for Next-Level Prompts

Advanced techniques to get results nobody else can using prompting methods like Decompose, Two-Stepping, and Reward Systems.

3 Prompt Case Studies

Dive into a deep analysis of some of the most sophisticated prompts of our era. As an early participant, you'll get to suggest what these case studies are. (Coming soon.)

By the end of this masterclass in AI

You’ll be able to:

  • Generate next-level quality outputs from ChatGPT or any other GPT-powered AI model

  • Solve impossible-seeming problems with conversational AI

  • Demonstrate promptcraft skills unknown to 99.99999% of the world

  • Gain a true competitive edge even over others who use AI

And you’ll be able to do all this without:

  • Without spending a fortune on hiring under-skilled experts, testing new tools, or learning to code

  • Without wasting hours on trial-and-error experimentation

  • Without settling for mediocre results

If you're skeptical, you're smart

You should be skeptical.The AI space has A LOT of hype.There are some courses out there that promise to teach you how to use AI but then fail to deliver any new information.They either give you superficial or outdated info that doesn’t help you in practice, overwhelms you with technical jargon, or leaves out crucial aspects that make or break your results.We know. Because we’ve tried many of these courses ourselves.That’s why we decided to create something on a whole new level:Our own course designed for people like us, people who want to not only unlock the hidden secrets of generative AI, but become leaders in the industry.The course is designed by Rob Lennon, AI speaker, public figure, and well-known expert in GPT prompt engineering. Rob has 128,000+ followers across Twitter and LinkedIn and his newsletter. His podcast, Mind Meets Machine, debuts in April 2023 as the first mainstream podcast with an AI co-host.(Also, this course is risk-free because it's backed up by two amazing guarantees: AI Mastery Assurance and the Future-Proof Promise.)

What's Inside this AI Prompt Engineering Masterclass?

The AI Prompt Engineering Masterclass is a comprehensive on-demand course that consists of:

The 3 Core Frameworks for Advanced Prompting

An advanced guide into the most important techniques in AI prompting.Rob Lennon pioneered the concept of megaprompts, and now he reveals two other power frameworks to add to your arsenal.This guide will help build your awareness of the types of expert-level prompts:

  • Learn the 3 core types of prompts, megaprompts, metaprompts, and progressive prompts, and when to use each

  • Discover how to format and structure your prompts for different types of tasks and domains

  • See how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes when prompting AI models

By the end, you’ll have a solid foundation in prompt engineering that you can build on.

Promptcraft Toolkit

Bite-sized lessons covering key topics in advanced prompt engineering for busy learners.These lessons will take you deeper into the art and science of prompt engineering.You’ll learn:

  • 6 advanced prompt elements that can transform an AI's capabilities

  • How to get even stubborn AI to adopt your voice and tone

  • The 5 strategies to push a language model far beyond it's typical outputs

Plus, as an early participant, you'll be able to provide input on future case studies and walkthroughs.

Rob's GPT Lab

Slide into front row seats with an ongoing collection of new lessons and videos.As the industry changes rapidly beneath our feet, Rob regularly performs experiments to push the boundaries of what is possible.These tests can manifest over dozens of iterations and countless hours, but you get all that experience in a quick video.As a member of NLPEA, you'll be the first to hear about the results and see the prompts — even for wild experiments that may not be ready for prime-time.If you wish you got to play with ChatGPT full time, but you can't, GPT Lab is the next best thing.

Plus, join now to get these bonuses

1 Year Access to AI Prompt Engineering Updates
($850 value)

1 year of access to updated course materials and resources as they become available.

Real-World Advanced Prompt Library
($2600 value)

See inside Rob Lennon's personal prompt library as he shares some of his best prompts.Join early because prompts shown in the library rotate each quarter.

Meet your AI Whisperer: Rob Lennon

Next-Level Prompt Engineering for AI (NLPEA) is designed by Rob Lennon.Here's an overview of Rob, by the numbers.

  • 4+ years prompting with AI, starting with GPT-2 in 2019

  • Full-time GPT researcher since Dec 2022

  • AI thought-leader with 100,000+ followers on Twitter and 18,000+ on LinkedIn

  • 16 years business strategy experience from tech/start-ups, leading both technical and creative projects

  • Self-published author 46x in both fiction and non-fictioN

  • Almost died 8x, including by saving a baby porpoise in freezing waters 7 miles from a great white breeding ground

Dubbed "AI Whisperer" and "Twitter Yoda" by his fans, Rob was one of the fastest-growing Twitter accounts of 2022.His first AI course, AI Content Reactor (ACR) is a world-wide best-selling course for creators and content marketers with over 1,700 participants.Now, with Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI (NLPEA), Rob reveals the culmination of hundreds of hours of prompting research, including his personal techniques that have never-before been shared with the world.

Guaranteed + Guaranteed Again

AI Mastery Assurance

If you don't feel confident in your ability to tackle advanced promptcrafting projects within 30 days of completing the course, we will provide a full refund.

Future-Proof Promise

If the material becomes irrelevant or outdated within 1 year, updates will be made free of charge to ensure your skills stay cutting-edge.


Can I expense this course?

Absolutely. Nearly every organization has a massive need for this skill set.In fact, many employers wish they could put their staff through this course. but hey don't yet know it exists.Here's a sample request message to send to your manager:
Subject: Approval for AI Course Expense[Manager's Name],We need to get ahead in the AI game and I've found a way.I'm writing to seek approval to expense "Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI (NLPEA)", a course focuses on prompt engineering for GPT-powered AI models like ChatGPT.The NLPEA course is designed by Rob Lennon—a globally-recognized expert in the field of prompt engineering. It provides comprehensive training on the principles and techniques of promptcraft that don't exist anywhere else.You can check out the course page at course only costs $470 for what would take 100+ hours to learn and discover on my own.I'm excited bring these skills into our company and share the knowledge with the team.Your approval for this investment is greatly appreciated.Thank you,
[Your Name]

Is the prompt engineering course highly technical?

These are complex topics, explained simply.The course is not technical. We've made every effort to make the material accessible to the average person, especially people with non-technical backgrounds.For example, we've done away with a lot of the jargon used in academic papers to describe the same ideas.The beauty of AI is that in the power of natural language. Anyone can use their words to get results that previously only coders could.No coding or other technical knowledge is needed, but you should be able to follow logical patterns and wrap your brain around new ideas.

How is this different from Rob Lennon's course AI Content Reactor?

Content Reactor is focused on helping content marketers and creators build better systems.While promptcraft is a topic of Content Reactor, it doesn't go into nearly as much depth at this course (NLPEA). In fact, NLPEA represents a powerful next step for anyone who took Content Reactor but wants to shift from an advanced skillset to an elite skillset that didn't even exist 4 months ago.That said, a handful of the techniques here in NLPEA will be brought back to Content Reactor in the next update once ChatGPT plugins become available.

Does this course including information about image prompting?

No.While we enjoy Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and other AI art tools, this course is focused on word-based prompt engineering for language models only.

Will I learn prompt automation and how to code my own AI products?

This course focuses on prompting strategies that can be applied by regular people in conversational AI interfaces like ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, and Bing Chat.We're also adding modules on using nocode tools like and Retune to automate workflows and take the value even further.That said, the course doesn't delve into other aspects of AI systems like fine-tuning, or vector databases.If you're hoping to learn how to implement tools like LangChain or Pinecone, this course won't teach you that either.However, if you do use LangChain, Pinecone, or write your own machine learning code in Python, you should be able to become far more capable with what you can do if you apply what you learn here.

What's so funny about the acronym NLPEA?

Say it out loud.Then think about the acronym for "Natural Language Processing".And no, an AI did not come up with that.

Can I get certified in prompt engineering?

Yes. As part of this course, you may optionally get certified by submitting a short project that demonstrates your knowledge.The certification requires a $500 per-person fee and is usually reimbursable by your employer if you ask.The project involves submitting an advanced prompt or prompt sequence and providing context about what it does and why it works. If you have engineered any advanced prompts during the duration of the course, the project should take no longer than 15 minutes.Certifications are reviewed and issued within 7 days. Because of how quickly the field is changing, certifications are considered timely for 1 year, after which, you should seek to refresh your knowledge and recertify.

The course guarantees a year of updates, but what happens after a year? Do I lose access?

You will always have access to what you purchased.As for the updates, we absolutely intend to keep updating this for quite some time. Still, the industry may change so dramatically at some point in the next 1-3 years that an entirely new course becomes necessary. The use of a year is slightly arbitrary.We've left room here so that if we have to build something entirely new on the same topic (e.g. hundreds more hours of research and course creation) that it could become a different product.The goal is to be fair to everyone involved. We want to take care of our customers. We want to back the knowledge with a solid guarantee and promise that it'll stay relevant. But having guaranteed updates go indefinitely into the future is unsustainable for any business, hence the "1 year".

Prompt Engineering with AI

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